Healthy snacks are a fun additive to the day. Consider adding some spiritual snacks to the family diet as well.

  • Simply ask your youth the single best piece of advice learned during youth group, Sunday school, or other event. Follow this up with a few inquisitive comments such as, “what makes this helpful for you?”, “how will this help you at your next get-together with friends” or other applicable question.
  • Ask for your youth’s advice on something you are working on such as how to make a particular biblical truth relevant (e.g., practical ways to proclaim the Gospel to this generation).
  • Find out who the kindest person is in his/her life and what makes that person stand out.

Showing interest in each family member let’s them know they are important and their views are valuable. Open communication in these areas also makes it far easier to talk about the more substantive issues in life later on (e.g., potential doubts about God, struggles with forgiveness, etc.).