Family Apologia

Because your children trust you

Check Your Bias!

Their silence is their submission. Their shame becomes their muzzle. And rightly so.

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Does God Hate the Canaanites?

. . . there is direct evidence showing God's love for the Canaanites specifically.

Why Different Words?

. . . the biblical text enjoys more textual support than any other writing from antiquity.

Who Am I?

If your child were to ask, “who am I?”, how would you answer?

What Happens to Children Who Die?

When speaking of those who do and do not enter heaven, the issue of children is certain to arise.

How Do You Know?

The need to know, that is, the need to be sure that what is believed is true, is a God-given intellectual desire.

Snack Time

Showing interest in each family member let's them know they are important and their views are valuable.

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