Welcome to Family Apologia!

Family Apologia is here to help Christian parents raise godly children who are able to successfully navigate challenges to their faith and defend it in the public square. Obstacles to maintaining the Christian faith facing youth are far greater  and easier to access than at any time in human history. The rise of the internet, with every challenge to Christianity available at the finger tips, along with every form of immorality, provides easy access to a youth’s mind. Parents must be even more diligent than ever in protecting and preparing the hearts and minds of their kids.

The normal approach to raising godly children includes good elements such as going to church, Sunday school, youth group, and family devotions. As good as these activities are, they do not prepare youth for the current spiritual battle. A new strategy is needed.

Here at Family Apologia a full, robust apologetic for preparing youth to understand and defend the truth of the Christian faith is presented. Parents must be far more intentional and involved in the spiritual growth and development of their children. Regular discussions covering questions, objections, and opposing worldviews is necessary.

One of the best features of the approach presented by Family Apologia is that parents are better equipped to know where each child is at in his/her faith. No longer do parents need to wonder what their kids are thinking. No longer do parents need to hope their kids are doing fine. Instead, with direct, regular discussions on the issues facing youth, parents will help their children navigate the spiritual and moral mine fields awaiting them.

Additionally, youth will be able to expose the problems with challenges to the Christian faith. Having discovered the truth of Christianity for themselves, the youth can speak boldly and with informed views on key topics.

Please join the conversation! Your youth will greatly benefit and you will see them grow in the understanding the Christian faith.